A celebration–ten years

Wedding Collage 1The day was bitterly cold, mostly because of the wind.  And every year since as we’ve celebrated our anniversary, it seems to be the coldest weekend of winter.  It was  the warmest day too as each of us got ready.  We were so blessed by our congregation at Bilberry Creek Baptist Church. When we had to change our plans for a California wedding, they adopted us for the day and took care of so many details, making it especially wonderful. We will never forget their kindness.  One lady made bride and groom cookies for the tea luncheon, another made a cake without being asked to. The youth transformed the sanctuary into a tea room in moments, having rehearsed it the day before. I was so impressed. It was wonderful to celebrate and rejoice with them.

After the wedding and the tea reception, after all the hugs and best wishes, we left to take pictures.Unfortunately, it was so windy we couldn’t take many outdoors.  As a result, our photographer took us inside the Bank of Canada Currency Museum building. It’s closed for renovations now but at the time there was a lovely courtyard filled will tropical plants.  Can I just say how much I dislike most those photos because of all the greenery in them? My husband loves them. Me, not so much.wedding collage 3

The reception was held at the Courtyard restaurant, a fantastic venue for our gathering of fifty people. We have such lovely memories of the ambiance–stone walls, white lights in the window, and a four course meal designed just for us. They printed menus and took care of all the decorating. It was wonderful and they made it easy for us to simply enjoy our guests and the evening.

We honeymooned aboard a cruise ship, starting in San Diego. Every year since, we have taken turns planning a surprise weekend. We’ve had some lovely fun. I think our tradition of planning to do something the other will love is one of the best things we have done for our marriage. It’s romantic and it is special, every single year.

I’ll admit, I’ve taken my husband for granted a few times over the years, and I haven’t always been the best wife for him. Relationships take work, and sometimes I forget that. I’m blessed that he is such a forgiving man. And no woman has ever been treasured the way he treasures me. From the latte-with-a-chocolate heart that he brings me every morning, to driving me around the country in search of owls–he makes me feel special and beautiful, even on my worst days.

For the last ten years, I have been so very blessed. It’s worth holding out for the right guy, the one who is proud to call you his wife, and who takes the role of supporting and protecting her seriously.  There are few gifts more precious than that. I give thanks for my husband, every single day.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Crystal. We have so much in common: cold anniversaries (our is #19 on the 28th) and wonderful hubbies! Got it right the second time around!
    Blessings on you both!

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