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Crystal 02 colour_I hadn’t expected to write stories. I wrote one as a teen, and a friend gave me exactly what I asked for–an honest critique. I wasn’t capable of setting my ego aside then to look at the work,  and decided I could never write. So I didn’t.

One spring, I attended a writer’s conference. Not to write–I didn’t think I could–but to reconnect with a friend. People asked me what I wrote, and I wasn’t prepared for the question.  “First lines,” I answered. “Just first lines.”

Now I’m in the middle of my third manuscript, and have published several short stories. Who knew I could write last lines too?

I lead a pretty simple life. I’m married to a man who treasures me and now I’m mature enough to realize what a blessing that is. Together, we care for our home and our cats. We enjoy travel, but we like being within our own walls too. I love that we have created a sanctuary together.

I enjoy cooking. Usually I view recipes as general guidelines, and seldom follow them.  Baking is another matter–I almost always use a recipe, at least the first time. Although, perhaps I don’t measure as precisely as I should. Recently I’ve discovered canning. My grandmother was a major influence in my life, and this simple activity of harvesting and preserving reminds me of her. The memories are gentle, though I miss her often.

I studied music–flute and singing–and I enjoy playing the piano for myself.  As a member of Toastmasters, I developed and embraced skills in speech craft. When I’m not writing,  I dabble in photography, though I dislike manipulating the images afterwards.  Unless otherwise noted, all of the pictures on this blog are mine. I’m happy to share them–but please, don’t steal my stuff.

Click here to see why I care about suicide prevention.

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