Along comes a spider

by +CrystalThieringer    @cdthieringer


Abstract background of the fine silken strands of a glistening spider web against a blurred garden backdrop

Abstract background of the fine silken strands of a glistening spider web against a blurred garden backdrop

My mailbox has been under attack for awhile.

We’ve had a spider building a web every single day from an interior corner of our house to the edge of the mailbox, a mailbox that is screwed into the exterior wall and unlikely to go anywhere until we, like most of our city, has to give up our door-to-door service in favour of a community thingamabob sometime later this year.

Most days I remove the web because, well, webs are icky. I’ve had a thing about the filmy material against my skin from the time I was a small girl, and while I am perfectly capable of appreciating the intricacies of how a spider builds such a thing, I’m not a fan. I’m just not, unless they’re in the woods with sunlight highlighting the pattern. Then I think they’re awesome.

The routine goes a bit like this. I take the web down (and any of the creatures that come with it). The next day, the spider quietly rebuilds it. I take it down. She confidently rebuilds it.

While I’m not crazy about the spider, I’m somewhat enamoured with her tenacity.

Then recently, this verse came across my news feed.

“In quietness and confidence is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

The next day as I once again readied my junk mail to clear the web (yes–I found a purpose for flyers), the air carried the echoes of the words to me. The spider’s web was successful only because she quietly and confidently relied on it’s strength, day after day after day.

In these past discombobulated months, I wonder what I have been relying on.

The context of the verse is about spiritual rebels. “In quietness and confidence is your strength, but you would have none of it.” So often, we only hear part of the verse–it’s a general issue in the world of memes and plaques and lovely little gift cards where there’s only room for a few words. This passage however, is a warning for those who have been given a chance and have run away from it, and I’ve been doing that.

Perhaps that’s why the spider has chosen my front door to build her web during this time. I’ve needed the gentle but resilient reminder.

In spite of the fact hand-written letters have given way to emails and status updates, I’m guilty of checking the mailbox every single day. There’s something about flyers and even the familiarity of the spider’s web that reminds me to hang in there. Of course, I’m still going to sweep the web away in the hopes she’ll find someone else who needs such reminding. As I do, I’ll find my gratitude.

In these months of waiting on things far beyond my sphere of influence, my frustration and anger have managed to push away quiet and confidence, and I have rebelled.  Has it happened to you as well?


8 thoughts on “Along comes a spider

  1. Crystal,
    I Love this analogy and the tenacity of that spider. Love how God speaks to us. I can’t even recall that verse. Thank you! Lovely start to the week.

    1. Thanks, Amy. I appreciate you stopping by, and for your faithfulness in all you do. I’m on my way now to join in her example, and sweep the web away, again. Although just maybe, today, I’ll let the web stay there a little longer.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Crystal. Like you, I have often admired the tenaciousness of spiders. But follow their example? Me? I sigh and give up too easily. Real life translation: I want things to be easy and I want my way. Giving up isn’t a far step from pouting.

    Well. So much in life is determined by attitude. “…but you would have none of it.”

    I can see why that part is left off of inspirational artwork. Who wants a reminded of our need to grow and change? And that His ways are not my ways? 🙂

    1. Laura, you made me laugh: “Giving up isn’t a far step from pouting.” I’ve certainly been doing my share!

  3. “A warning for those who have been given a chance and have run away from it.”

    How often have we run from an opportunity to be steadfast and diligent, instead to pursue something fleeting? Great thought for today. Thanks for making me consider the determination of the unyielding spider.

    1. Actually, Denise, you just reminded me to consider the same application for something completely different. My own words, lobbed back to me. Hmmmm 🙂

  4. I just read this now and I can appreciate the tenacity of the spider. But the truth is, no matter what awaits her she will keep doing what she’s doing. In that way, may we get wisdom so that our tenacity will not be spelled s t u b b o r n e s s. God wants us to be stayed on Him. Sometimes we make our neck stiff and we dig in our heels. The question is, who told us to?

    Looking at this day with eyes that are seeking what He wants and not my desires.

    1. such great insight, Anne. My Gram used to say tenacity was just a nicer word than stubbornness…and that could be why I chose it. I have been accused of being both, and for sure, I know how to dig in my heels. I hope I learn the same wisdom you speak of!

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