And then, this happened…

by +CrystalThieringer    @cdthieringer

A few weeks ago, I told you about being a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul–Christmas in Canada. It’s been a very exciting time. My mom likes the story, which was crucial to me, and my aunt was delighted too. She was the first author I ever knew. I mailed one as a surprise to one of my favourite teachers, and she sent back the best email, the kind you keep in a pick-me-up file. Furthermore, my wonderful husband is delighting in this success, and I am able to delight in him. It’s been great.Passing Strangers

Today, I have the pleasure of making another announcement. This summer I entered a short story contest organized by Angela Hunt. Inspired by Angie’s book, Passing Strangers, the theme of the contest was to write a true story about true encounters with passing strangers.

I’m delighted to join winner Garry Hojan, as well as Melody Morgan, Catherine Mulholland, Terri Gillespie and Kay Mills in this anthology, Stories of Passing Strangers.

Part of the reason I entered this contest is because I have much respect for Angie, who is a mentor at the writer’s workshop I attend every year at Glen Eyrie. Her writing process is one I can identify with, and so much of what she says just makes sense. Best of all, Angie isn’t about romanticizing a life of writing. She’s the first to admit it’s hard work–work she has never been afraid of since she has a gazillion or so titles to her name. I love that she never read the entries until after her panel of judges selected the stories because some of the people who entered are her friends.

Stories of Passing Strangers will be available on Amazon in the next few days (and the kindle version will be free for a short time). Please consider leaving a review. Many of us are first-time authors, and your review will help us become visible in the digital marketplace. The stories are about how moments can change a life. Who knows? Maybe one of the stories will change yours.

Would you like to win a signed copy of Stories of Passing Strangers? Leave a comment and I’ll draw a name on November 1st.

And, if you haven’t already done so, leave a comment here to win a signed copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul–Christmas in Canada. I’ll also draw for those on November 1st.

Note–these are two separate draws. To be entered in both, leave a comment on both pages.  Thanks!


15 thoughts on “And then, this happened…

  1. This is very exciting for you, I know, and it’s also exciting for those of us who know you online. I’m not timid about saying I would love an autographed copy of the book! I’m starting a shelf for all the books of my new online friends. Best of luck, Crystal.

    1. Thanks Janet! Good luck in the draw. And, if you’d like a chance at a multi-autographed copy of Christmas in Canada, head over there and leave another comment (the link is in the post).

      Both draws will be November 1st.

  2. We are all so pleased for and proud of all of you who entered! Many of us thought about it, but never got up the courage to write something to be considered. I would love to read the winning entries, as will many others, so we can see how much we can grow in our writing before the next contest comes along in addition to be encouraged by you. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to say congratulations and may you receive many blessings as a result of all your efforts!

    1. Donna, what a lovely note! Thank you so much. These have been exciting times indeed. Good luck in the draw!

  3. Congratulations Crystal! On both accomplishments! Someone told me about Chicken Soup for the Soup a while ago and how it’s a good place to try and submit.

    1. Thanks Anne, it’s been a positive experience so far. The local bookstore was enthusiastic too, saying they have a good relationship with that publisher. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I am so, sO, SO happy for you. What a great way to end a year started with a simple challenge of 500 words a day. Congrats! You are an inspiration!

    1. oh, how kind of you, Rebecca. Thanks so much for stopping by, and thank you for such lovely words.

  5. Hi Catherine–I know I replied to you, but it didn’t show up. Thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait to see a post from you that says you’re published. It’s a wonderful feeling!

  6. Congratulations Crystal! So excited for you! Looking forward to reading this. I also thoroughly enjoyed taking Angela’s course at Glen Erie. And of course if I didn’t go to that writers retreat, I would have never met you! Love how God puts everything together! 🙂

    1. Isn’t that the truth? That first trip changed so many things for me in ways I couldn’t even have imagined.

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