Are you hiding out?

A friend of mine has had a really horrible year. Michele Cushatt is a wife and a mom to six kids. She is an in-demand speaker and an author. And she’s been fighting a serious illness. Then her dad got sick too, and she needed surgery, and now she is faced with having to say goodbye. There’s deadlines and the end-of-the-school-year, and keeping up with her work and flying back and forth to be with her parents as often as she can.

In short, she’s pretty much hit maximum stress levels in every area of her life.

You’d think she’d give in. Give up. I would. Maybe I have.

But she doesn’t. She is living the life she’s been given, and she’s doing it with courage and grace.

Recently she posted these words:

deerWhen you and I endure a trauma—a struggling child, a failed assignment, a lost dream, a broken relationship—our first impulse is to withdraw. Like a rabbit threatened by a wolf, we retreat to a haven until the danger passes. We circle up the family, cancel appointments, cut back responsibilities, and tend to the wound. It’s both wise and necessary.

For a time.

But the problem with a haven is how easily it becomes a hideout.

Ahh.  I’ve been guilty of that. I’m wondering if I’m guilty of it today.

Read more at Michele’s blog.  It’s right over here.

3 thoughts on “Are you hiding out?

  1. Ahhhhh those words…. You always find words to write or forward to others that sink in sooooo much. Thank you. I love you

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