Breakfast, anyone?

by +CrystalThieringer    @cdthieringer

DSC01724There are days when I’d really like to sleep in. Today was one of those days, even though I’m a morning person who thinks the biggest gift we are given every day is the opportunity to greet it.

When my husband is home, our cat, Sydney idolizes him, showering him with all of her attention. When he is away, I often wake up with our little rescue cat sleeping on my thighs. The weight of her on my legs, and the extremely gentle reverberations of her purring is a most comforting feeling.

Those first few moments feel secure and safe and I’m often in awe of how it is she managed to place herself so intimately without me becoming aware of her presence.

The moment Sydney realizes I’m awake however, changes everything. Her sweet, invisible presence morphs into something highly annoying. She stands, walks over my belly making figure-8s on my bladder, and wanders up and down my chest. Somehow she manages to put each of her nine pounds on individual paws as she pointedly stakes them into my legs. There is no denying her. She wants something–attention, breakfast, more attention. She insists with playful somersaults over my legs, and the occasional head-bump into my hand. She meows plaintively.

Rest? Forget about it. The little beast.

Most often, I get up to feed her. Sometimes though, like today, I choose to ignore her and attempt to roll over and feign sleep. I refuse to acknowledge her, but she is sly, and  will find another way. She will retaliate by chewing something–like any electrical cable she can find. So far, I’ve replaced two phone chargers, and my computer cable is currently sporting a black electrical tape sheath.

Ah, life with cats. I love her, she touches my heart and lets me cry and today, I realized she is teaching me life lessons, yet again.

I’ve been struggling with something these past weeks, trying as I often do, to delay dealing with a recurring issue. While I have been somewhat successful in letting it lie dormant beside me, there have been too many times when the Thing has forced its presence upon me, poking me, irritating me…even taunting me at times.

The beast.IMG_2690

I’ve tried to ignore it, and while there have been moments of having placated it, the truth is, it sometimes still has more power than it deserves. There is no one else who can deal with it but me and so, I realize anew, I must once again do the hard work. Yes, I’ve dealt with layers but now it seems there are more. It doesn’t matter if that annoys me. Clearly, until I do my part, this beast will not let me rest.

If I hadn’t ignored Sydney this morning, if I had simply gotten up to feed her and then crawled back into bed, I could have been resting again in moments. Sydney would curl up in another room, content to leave me be. Perhaps her gentler, unobtrusive, comforting cat-self may have joined me for a while.

I am the one who let her be otherwise, who encouraged her intrusiveness instead. I suspect it’s much the same with my issue.

Alright then. Time for breakfast.

19 thoughts on “Breakfast, anyone?

  1. Amazing how our pets lead us to answers we would rather not face. Your sweet cat lead you to the door and then pushed you through. Great read. What’s for breakfast?

    1. She is a little pushy, come to think of it! And she looks so innocent, too.

  2. You are so good at gleaning life lessons from your experiences. I wish I were better at that.

  3. All of nature conspires to teach us, if we have but the wisdom, and the good sense to pay attention. I, for one, am grateful for the attention you bring to your life. Thank you!

  4. Crystal,
    Yes, such a good life lesson! God leads us to such lessons, I believe. He puts the parallels there and with His nod, the clarity surfaces. 🙂 I love it when that happens.
    Amy xx

    1. Amy, you are always on the lookout for life lessons, and it’s one of the things I appreciated when I had the chance to read Cane Confessions. Yes! Clarity surfaces. I love it too–even though I know there is work to be done by me.

  5. This hit home, as I also try to avoid dealing with certain things. If nothing else, the pets are going to make darn sure we get up, right? Thanks for another insightful post.

    1. It amazes me how she can settle in and I don’t know she’s there, or how she can redirect all her weight on to individual paws so it feels like she gained a thousand pounds. Yes, she makes sure I get up–and sometimes, that’s the most important step of the day.

  6. The lessons we need to learn are all around us if we are open to receiving them. I hope dealing with “stuff” does not cause you more needless worry.

    1. Today is a new day, and a new attitude–and a new perspective. All good things!

  7. I’m always in awe of how you often parallel nature with issues we must face. It seems your sweet little beast, all thousand pounds of her, will always ensure that you rise to the occasion. Thoroughly enjoy your posts, Crystal.

  8. Yes, I love how grounded this is. It’s so easy to sail off into our heads when dealing with stuff. Sydney is a very cool cat.

  9. I am glad you have a furry friend to help you greet the day, even if it is against your will 😉
    Some days getting out of bed is tough, and I don’t think we realize how dreading the day ahead of us can be an indication that something isn’t quite right in our life.
    Thank you for the reminder! It is my desire to live a life that I wake up to with anticipation instead of the desire to roll over and ignore the cat (or the dog in my case).

  10. There was something I needed to attend to. Someone who had hurt me and I let it go, but the truth is, I never let it go, it just sat in a ziplock bag staying fresh in the corner of my mind. But God nudged me when last week some time I was in a Walmart and I saw someone who reminded me of the person who hurt me…or was it her? My instinct was to avoid her. Then it was clear, I had a problem that needed to be dealt with. One I could not ignore successfully.

    A few days ago I met with said person. I had someone pray for me during our meeting. I spoke words that were not accusatory. I heard a different scenario than the one I had memorized. And God restored something that needed restoration. We’re meeting again to do a study together.

    Oh the things we miss out on, but holding onto our perceptions.

    1. It is immensely difficult to let go of hurt. My instincts tend to be the same as yours. Sometimes, that is the best thing, the healthiest thing–but that doesn’t mean we can avoid the grief that accompanies it. I’m so grateful you found restoration and peace in your situation. Thank you for sharing that.

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