Bullied Kid Turns Survivor

This is a story from a few years ago. This kid, who always seemed to smile, was actually hiding incredible hurt inside.

As so often happens, the most perceptive people took advantage of that hurt and used it to give the illusion they were better.

It’s also about what can happen when people have the courage to reach out for help. There’s more than just “talking,” of course–but it is, at the very least, a place to start.


2 thoughts on “Bullied Kid Turns Survivor

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Crystal. There are so many facets to this complex problem, and this is one we don’t often consider. NAncy

    1. Nancy, you do so much in trying to change this issue. I have recommended your anti-bullying trilogy So Not Okay to many people. I’m convinced you are making a difference.

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