Complementary Thoughts

My friend Loretta Oakes amazes me sometimes. For one thing, she’s crazy smart. She has two engineering degrees, so she’s highly logical, which appeals to my sense of process and order.  She and I can get into black and white, quick fire discussions with a wee bit of sarcasm thrown in, and most of the time, we understand that it’s serious fun. On rare occasions when we misunderstand each other, we’ve committed to clearing it up as soon as we can because our friendship matters.  I treasure that.  It’s a relationship I can build on.

There are many things I love about her.  Loretta is a  beautiful woman, inside and out. I’ve met one of her engaging daughters, so I’m convinced she’s a great mother.  I’ve given her two picture books away as baby gifts because they are delightful.  She has opinions about things, and even if we don’t agree all the time, I love her commitment to what she believes. That never comes out stronger than when she posts on her blog, Complementary Thoughts. It’s all about balancing science and religion. Sometimes I read her work and marvel at how brilliant she is. Then I go back and read through her logic.  I learn, every single time.

So today, I’m linking to one of my favourite Loretta Oakes posts. Stretch your boundaries and check it out.  Life Imitates Nature. 


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