Cyberbullying–Can you help me?

Good morning friends,

I’ve been following the case of Amanda Todd, a teen from British Colombia who took her own life after being bullied online for several years.  A news article this morning brought out an additional element to her story.  The emphasis in the following quote is mine, but what the article said was:

“I think the bullying was kind of the secondary effect of what occurred in Amanda’s case,” Arnason told the fifth estate.  [Signy Arnason is the Director of]

In the month before her death, Todd posted a video on YouTube in which she used handwritten cards to convey her story. She wrote that her troubles started after an unknown person talked her into exposing herself in front of a webcam.

This individual blackmailed her and spread the photos online, thereby inviting taunts from her schoolmates and effectively destroying her reputation. The person has never been identified or caught.

“This individual was out to ruin her life online, and that’s how it seeped into her peers finding out and that’s how the cyberbullying ensued,” says Arnason.

I’m writing my second novel about a young woman who survives some difficult circumstances created in part by her own choices. There is an element of cyberbullying, though to a lesser extent than Amanda Todd’s. It’s important to me to get it right.

So, especially to my teen readers out there–have you ever been in a situation where pictures or video of you ended up in places you didn’t agree to?  Would you be willing to be interviewed for my book?  I promise to treat your stories with respect. 

Please email me or leave a comment.  I’m really interested in what you have to say.

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