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DSCN8579I have a love-dislike relationship with the piano.

Lately, I’ve been disliking it a lot. As a flautist, a simple melody or harmony line makes sense to me.  All my fingers work together to produce a single note. Piano of course, doesn’t work that way.  Each of my hands must work independently, different rhythms, chords in one, melody and harmony in the other.  And even though I took lessons as a child, I never became proficient.


There’s too much to think about.

It’s  torturous.I’m working on a Christmas piece, one I worked on last year too where the arranger set a triplet rhythm in the left hand, against an eighth note rhythm in the right hand. To play, I need to go “left and right, right, left, right”.  I need think “trip-o-let” with side of my body and “one-and-two-and” with the other.

Then, there’s the problem with the notes. A “C” on the left against a “C#” on the right. Every time I get there, I think I’ve played it wrong and so I stop, which only reinforces that I should repeat the mistake every time in the future and that only leads to more frustration.


Last year, a piano teacher friend of mine sent me a video of her playing it. The same piece. The same ridiculous rhythm against the same ridiculous notes. Just those few bars, 

It was beautiful. Fluid. Graceful. Lovely to listen to. Easy to breathe into.

So, like a great many other things in my life, I’m going to keep working at it. Harmony and beauty await me.

God, make a fresh start in me,
shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.

Psalm 51:10 The Message

2 thoughts on “Dissonance

  1. I love the metaphor there, Crystal. I do. I also think there are times when it’s okay to enjoy someone else playing. There’s harmony in that too. That must be MY journey!

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