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There’s no doubt that mental health, particularly in regards to young people is an important topic for me.   There is such a wide range of illnesses and I know I am not equipped to help everyone, or even understand what they are going through.

Some days, it’s difficult to accept my limitations. And other days, I know that I’m doing the best I can. It can be overwhelming, reading stories about wonderful people who matter,  but can’t see it, and who choose suicide as the way to cope with their pain.

In my opinion, North American’s are doing a better job at being aware of youth mental health. Every day,  the stigma around many mental illnesses is being reduced. and that’s a very good thing.  Suicide prevention is no longer a mystery. But awareness is not enough. We also need to find the funding to intervene earlier.  People who speak up and ask for help should be able to get it when they need it, and not be on a list for months down the road.

That’s why I’m so grateful to read about initiatives like the Right By You campaign.

By Canadians lending their voice, action can be taken to secure greater funding for children and youth mental health services, treatment and support.

Here’s another moment of gratitude.  We need more people like Sgt. Kevin Briggs. You can read his story here.

4 thoughts on “Good news to share–Right by You

  1. So true and so blessed that these initiatives are being put into place. We have to intervene sooner and more effectively. Thank you for bringing us to awareness today.

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