I have so many friends fighting cancer right now. In December, I had the privilege to be part of a fundraising initiative for Mallorie, a young girl battling leukemia. She’s trying to change the world. My friend Michele Cushatt has some hard-fought wisdom, and others I’ve never met, like Margaret Feinberg are also lending their voices.

People who have been there. People who are there.

It’s tough, man. It’s really tough. And it’s also easy to let ourselves refuse to think about it.

Most of us know someone who’s part of the cancer club–a club who has a very stubborn membership policy. Once you’re in, you’re in for life, though your role may change from active member to alumni.  You never get away from being an associate member either, someone who knows someone in their inner circle who has, or had cancer. Today, take a moment to pray for club members in your life.

For me, today, that means praying for these friends and their loved ones. And also, for those who are struggling with recent losses. Join me, won’t you?

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