In everything, give thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.  Yesterday as I was on a plane squished between two big fellows, and no where near home, I was surprised to find myself all teary. By the time I’d landed in Denver, I was wishing I had a ticket home. I reminded myself that this journey was one I needed to take. At that airport, there is sufficient opportunity to walk (and walk and walk) before taking the train that leads to baggage claim.

GE3I was picked up from there by a friend and we shared a most delightful lunch before driving south for an hour or so. We’re spending the time in Colorado Springs with some writing friends. We usually get together in June, but this year it’s a fall gig. This has resulted in somewhat of a different group than normal, and I’ll admit, I struggled with that. I love adventure, and I like change, but I also like it when things stay the same.

Fall of course, is completely different from spring. The air is colder (but I like that). In spite of my misgivings, maybe it’s time for a little bit of different.


There was much laughter  as someone demonstrated a very convincing mountain lion snarl. There was the whisper from a treasured friend who said, “I needed to see you here.”

And, there was even roast turkey, potatoes and gravy and salad–pretty much everything this Canadian girl needs to feel that she’s not missing Thanksgiving after all.

Walking from our classroom to the castle in the dark, listening to a colleague talk about her work, I reminded myself that this is the place I needed to be for this time.

I loved the room I had last year so much, so I asked for it again. It’s a wonderful bit of familiar in the midst of many new things. It has, I think, the original chair rail lining antique wall paper, a window seat and a glassed in balcony overlooking a courtyard. (I’m sitting there right now, protected from the wind, but able to hear the Steller’s Jays argue in the trees. The flash of their indigo wings delights me.) At night,  I’m able to leave the window open for the brisk mountain air, which is something I’ve always loved, especially if i can snuggle under a pile of blankets–and I have plenty of those. There are no less than ten pillows on this higher-than-usual king-sized bed. And in the bathroom, the radiator  pumps out delicious warmth. It amuses me when it comes on, because the pipes have a little conversation first.


Add to that the surprise of already making a new friend, and of receiving a five pound bag of specially chosen candies from one of the friends I wish was here. That was unexpected and felt like an encouraging hug (thank you, ever faithful Jeanie!).

There is so much to be thankful for. Here’s my 2014 list

  • a husband who treasures me
  • creative friends who challenge me to be better
  • friends who go out of their way to make sure I have a ride
  • hugs, hugs and more hugs
  • a quiet place to think and dream–and the freedom to get here
  • the sense of satisfaction for having a story come out this week
  • the technology advances that allow me to fly to another country, download documents for class, and still keep in touch with my loved ones
  • the sense of peace that has eluded me for several days. I’m feeling it now.
  • living in a country where each person has so much personal space. It is a luxury

There’s more, so much more. I’m here to work though, and such musings shall have to wait for another day. For now, I’ve got homework.


2 thoughts on “In everything, give thanks

  1. As always I read your post with delight. We have just returned from a 2 week road trip c friends from Colorado Springs. Having navigated the Canadian flights into Denver & taken the long trek to baggage claim , you have my sympathies. I’ve stayed at Glen Eyrie- what a beautiful place – we had the privilege of one of the historical bedrooms.

    Enjoy the beautiful Colorado Rockies & the warm hospitality we have always experienced there. Happy Thanksgiving from Calgary. Who knows – maybe next year this Calgarian can join in on your writing adventure.

    I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

    Your 500 Words friend

  2. Thanks Linda! That would be great–next year’s conference will likely be in June. I’m also in one of the historical bedrooms. I enjoy it very much. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

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