In moments like these…

I drown in grief. I’m heartsick. 
Oh, listen! Please listen! 
   It’s the cry of my dear people reverberating through the country.

Jeremiah 8:18 The Message

Last week, three Canadian Mounties were killed, and the man who killed them has been charged with murder.  Yesterday I watched most of the footage as the funeral was broadcast live across the country. It was in essence three funerals in one, appropriately tied together by Maritime fiddling. It appears that family preferences were at least considered as the service played out, and I was struck by those differences as much as I appreciated the traditional elements that make a military funeral in Canada.

I am grateful for the policemen who serve our cities. I share the sorrow for the three men who were killed, and the other two officers who were wounded.  I pray for the families left behind–three wives, five children, one more baby due in a few months. And I sobbed as a German Shepherd named Danny still looked for his partner, and as the Commanding Officer released his men from duty for the final time.

More than anything else, I wonder about the shooter’s family. What a burden this must be for them to carry.  I’ve learned much about mental health in recent years–and yet the only thing I only know is it’s never simple as we want it to be. Whether this is a case of a mentally unstable man, or of a stable man who embodied evil, I cannot say for sure. I only know that devastated family needs just as much prayer as the others do.

So to the families and colleagues of Constable Douglas Larche, Constable Fabrice Gevaudan and Constable David Ross–I am profoundly sorry for your loss.

And to the family of the shooter–I am equally saddened for yours.


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