Learn the left hand first

And you can’t really play

unless you know how to play through the hard parts.

 Ann Voskamp

More often than I like, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a piece of a song stuck in my head. I’ll return to sleep and when I wake up again it’s still there. Sometimes it lasts an entire day.

Sometimes it lasts a week.

It would be better if I could actually finish the song, but often I can’t because even though I have some musicality, I’ve never been great at matching songs with titles and artists. In fact, this is a common conversation with my husband.

Him: Oh look, they’re going to sing THAT song.  I love that song.

Me:  I don’t think I know it.

Him: Sure you do, THAT song. Sung by THESE GUYS.

Me:  Nope, don’t think so.

And then the song starts. I immediately hum the harmony or sing the chorus or decide what the flute part would be.

Me:  Oh, THAT song.  By THOSE GUYS.  Why didn’t you say so?

Cue eye-rolling and head-shaking.

When it’s a hymn I love or a song that reminds me of a friend, I love that it hangs around. It’s comforting. When it’s a mash-up of a girl and a goat. . . well. . . not so much on the 70th time through.

This is what happened last night. The only way to replace the annoyance in my head is to sing something else, but often I can’t remember the something else. By morning I was trying to recall a song I’ve been learning on the piano (let it be known–piano is NOT where I’m considered to be musical).


photoIt reminded me of a blog post from Ann Voskamp about the value of learning the left hand first.

I googled the blog post, to remind myself what it really said, only to get the bigger message that it wasn’t about the piano at all.  Today, I couldn’t have had a better reminder.

See for yourself…how to get through life’s hard parts.

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