Posting delayed due to ice storm

Hello friends…I’m having difficulty saving my posts because of  intermittent internet. I’ll catch up when I can!  Please pray for those affected.  Thousands of Canadians are without power today, and may not have power for several days yet. Trees are shattering, and ice is falling in sheets from glass buildings.

I’m grateful my family is safe, but I’m praying for those who are struggling with more than a slow upload today. Join me, won’t you?

Click here to see some of the pictures from the storm.


2 thoughts on “Posting delayed due to ice storm

  1. Glad you are doing okay. We had a pretty bad ice storm in the southern United States as well. It is beautiful, but power outages and falling tree damage are never good things. Stay safe and warm! God bless.

    1. you too, friend. It is beautiful–I saw ‘God’s Christmas lights’ picture you posted from sunset. There have been some stunning pictures, and some surreal ones, like the kids ice skating down the street. But there have also been stories of sheet ice crashing down from glass buildings and trees splitting right in half. Glad your family is safe. Merry Christmas!

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