The broken in our story–Katie Morford

I made a new friend this year. We met at a writer’s conference at Glen Eyrie castle, though since I’m such an introvert, I’m not sure we really got to know each other there. She is involved in a new business venture with some mutual friends, and I feel as though we’ve become better acquainted as I cheer them all on from the sidelines.

Recently, Katie wrote a lovely piece titled “The broken in our story”. Here’s an excerpt:

Have you ever wondered why people walk into old houses and say, “Oh, the stories it could tell?”

Why a scuffed and worn patina makes an antique so much more valuable? Why you walk past the long scratch on your living room doorframe and remember falling and knocking out a tooth and your frantic mother rushing you to the emergency room?

It’s because our stories are in the broken parts of our lives.

I have a few broken bits in my story, and perhaps you do too. Katie’s words found me on just the right day. Read the rest of the inspiring article here. 


Katie introduces herself: “I am a globe-trotting missionary journalist and travel photographer, who’s secretly a homebody, fiction writer and book nerd. I travel the world creating short documentary videos on Operation: Mobilization ministry projects. In my spare time, I write sci-fi and political thrillers and am an editor for Crosshair Press.”

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