The cost of a click

I was 36 years old in 1998 when the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky story broke. Has he been victimized to the same level as she? I cannot say for sure.

I  applaud Ms. Lewinsky, however, for the stand she is taking in this TedTalk. I’m grateful she has healed to the point where she no longer hides from her past. Wisdom is learned in difficult circumstances, and what she has to say here is important.

Perhaps what I appreciate most is the note about why gossip is such big business. “The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks, the more advertising dollars.”

That’s business. When we do it to our friends and family though? That’s something else altogether. Perhaps no one gets rich, but make no mistake, there is definitely a horrific cost.

It’s one we can’t afford.

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