The only thing we have to fear–guest post

Recently I read a post by a new acquaintance in my online writing club. Her post happened just after the events in Ottawa but I’ve been thinking about it often.

DSCN7013I’ve often lived in fear–it wasn’t until I thought I was going to die that I realized I didn’t have to. Denise DiNoto describes four concrete ways in which we can stare down fear and take some control of it.  One of those ways is to name the fear, something that mattered to me as I learned how to give up my fear of  big dogs. You may find her words as encouraging as I did.

Here’s a snippet:

The fear never goes away.

Last week I attended a program on fundraising and development for nonprofit organizations. One of the presenters offered the above quote in relation to fundraising, but it has stuck with me because of how it relates to other areas of my life.

I have written of my fear related to being vulnerable in my writing, and my fear of sharing my writing with strangers. That fear pales when compared to what I’m really afraid of.

I fear being rejected by others because of my disability and my need for personal assistance. Each time I open up to a new friend, a date, a potential personal assistant or anyone about my physical capabilities and the help I require, a little voice inside of me says, “Don’t make yourself look too needy – they will run!”

Click here to read four ways Denise has learned to combat fear. They are practical and, for me, in light of current events, timely.



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