To My Millennials

To My Millennials
(A Sort of Commencement Address,
brought to you by the letter M)


Test your mettle
to earn the medal.

Plastic is cool
but metal is elemental,
and wood and dirt and water are pure.graduation

Take a mentor, be a mentor,
morph into a deep and merry life.
Model the moves
of a merited mind.

Mediate the moral plane,
mediate and medicate
the wounds and pains of mankind.

and move.
Maintain the marrow
and mother the mind.

Make memories, not memes.

Mockingbirds matter,
and minutes do, too.

Minotaurs, mazes, and myths are for real,
materialized mysteries
in moments of truth.

Mars sings, my dears.
Pay attention to the mind of the moon

Roslynn Pryor

My friend Roslynn wrote this wonderful poem as part of April’s A-Z blogging month. However, she was also participating in NaPoWriMo (National Poem Writing Month) and completed both challenges at once. I am in awe of the word pictures she creates, and I asked her if I could save this poem for June when so many are graduating and moving on.

For more of Ros’s word pictures, do check out her blog Pushing the Bruise (you know, to see if it still hurts). Her writing is insightful and beautiful. She is one of the dearest people I know, and I’m honoured to call her my friend.

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