What lies beneath the lie?

by +CrystalThieringer    @cdthieringer

What lies beneath the lie?

When did the screws of time
give way to salt and brine
corrode wires
break current
burn connection?

There are candles for the dark.
I’m holding yet another one for you
Take it.
But if you won’t?
Then please, turn off the lights when you leave.

12 thoughts on “What lies beneath the lie?

  1. I hope your candle is taken with honesty and in a way that enables current to be restored and connection regenerated by healthy grafting .

  2. Hm…makes me sad for whoever let the connection burn. So many walls these days; not enough bridges.

  3. Reaching out with empathy and concern but not having the other party meet us with honesty and truth can cause so much anger and frustration.

  4. Nice poem, Crystal. I like the lines, “there are candles for the dark, I’m holding yet another one for you.”
    I’m pondering the last line.

  5. Gorgeous poem, Crystal, with much depth and “meat” to chew on. The poignancy and elegance of your words speak volumes.

  6. I enjoyed this poem, Crystal. I could feel the depth of emotion behind this. Thank you for sharing here.

  7. Oh my! This really resonated with me, and it was very timely. I just went through a similar experience. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh Rachel, I am so glad to see you again. And so sorry that you’ve had a similar experience.

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