2 thoughts on “Words that resonate–Anne Lamott

  1. First of all, I love that duck’s face.
    Second, I think this is lining up with something I’m thinking about.
    I read a good post today from Proverbs 31 and the woman talked about being grateful. She said when we are focused on our own way, we cannot see what is right. And I think if I’m focused on being right, that’s what makes me feel like I HAVE to set the record straight. And the message received? It wasn’t good enough. I’m asking God to help me with this.

    1. That duck kind of photobombed me that day. He got a little close for comfort!

      Sometimes I get too focused on my right to be right. It’s been a struggle for most of my adult life (when I realized that I didn’t actually have the right to be right). It’s far too easy for us to think we aren’t good enough, just because our message wasn’t received the way we intended it but we forget there is more than one set of filters at play–ours and the listeners. We can’t fix it for everyone. We can only look at our own hearts, and try to be clearer the next time. I get it, my friend. It’s a constant thing for me too!

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