Words that resonate–Heather Plett



There is a fine line between showing compassion for other people’s wounds and taking them on as our own. We are called to do our own healing work, and in that work we can serve others, but we can’t fix them no matter how hard we try. Trying to take responsibility for other people’s healing work doesn’t serve anyone well.

Heather Plett

2 thoughts on “Words that resonate–Heather Plett

  1. Unfortunately this is one of my weaknesses. I can’t bare seeing others suffering and want to do anything in my power to make them feel better. Somehow, my own feelings don’t seem near as important as others. I’ve been told I’m too sensitive, but that’s who I am. I’ve been emotionally hurt lately, quiet deeply and I think it has opened my eyes a bit. I need to pull my strength from this situation and respond in a productive way and get tougher. Thankfully, I have friends that are supportive and that makes it easier. Gail

    1. You do have a sweet and gentle heart, Gail. I happen to love that about you.

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