2 thoughts on “Words that resonate–Mark Hyman, MD

  1. That’s certainly a different way to look at things. Too bad my fat doesn’t come off as fast as my nails do when I trim them. It’s certainly all about attitude. I think we need to put more focus other things and not be obsessed by just one thing, which can be different for each person. Fat being mine. It’s a process and hard work, but not impossible. I am definitely harder on myself than others are on me, so maybe I should learn from that. We all have that one thing in our life that we focus on. The question is, is it the right thing to focus on. How important is it really. Should we change our focus to something that will make more of a difference in ones own life and others. It’s definitely something we have to face and do something about. This post has brought this more to my attention and I will think harder about it and pray for guidance what is best for me to focus on that will help both myself and others in a positive way.

    1. There’s balance, don’t you think? We can give the most to others when we take care of ourselves first. But you’re right–fat doesn’t come off as easily as fingernails. And for some of my friends, weight doesn’t go on as quickly as fingernails grow. Weight is the wrong focus. Health is the right one. There’s an organization called Healthy at Any Size–and I’m learning.

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