Words that resonate–Shannon Huffman Polson

Writing lament isn’t a linear process. There’s a big piece of the work that’s a lot more like a boomerang.

A boomerang was originally developed to be a weapon of war or for hunting. It was meant to be thrown, not as as a returning weapon, but as a weapon that would have lethal effect. Somehow in that development–probably because of a mistake–came the returning boomerang. We know this as two slender airfoils that connect at the bottom, that when thrown correctly make a wide circle, and comes back to the centre.

It’s the going out and the coming back again, the going out and the coming back. In life and in writing and certainly in the process of lament, it’s that going out and that coming back again that makes the end result worthwhile.

Writing lament requires bravery. It requires courage. It will take you back to the darkest places of your life, and bring you through them.

Shnorth of hopeannon Huffman Polson, speaking at the Festival of Faith and Writing, Calvin University, April 2014

Shannon Huffman Polson is a dynamic speaker, and the author of North of Hope. I’ve written about the impact this particular speech had on me before. My book review is here (I loved it).



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