Words that resonate–Robin Jones Gunn

My friend and mentor, author Nancy Rue, recently retired her blog for teen girls–a community I’ve been privileged to be part of for several years. We discussed things we had learned, and specifically which comments from the ladies there meant the most to us. One teen shared this with me, and I’ve thought about it often. This young woman encouraged me more than she could ever know that day. I felt nudged to dig through my archives and find it for someone else. Maybe the someone needing it today is you? Just keep walking!

“I never noticed that part before. ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.'”

“What part had you not noticed?”

“The verse says even though we ‘walk’ through the valley. That’s different from stopping in the valley or sitting down under the shadow of death and just giving up. We aren’t supposed to stop and get stuck in the dark places. We’re to keep going. Keep walking. I really like that thought, don’t you?”

Robin Jones Gunn

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  1. Hey there Crystal! Its LauraJane from In Real Life! I am going to subscribe to the website and definitely follow your posts. This is exciting!

    1. Yes. It is one of my most favourite quotes ever, and it was a teen girl who once shared it with me. I return to it again and again. I returned to it again this week. Thanks for visiting, Laura!

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