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This is a list of the books I have contributed stories too. I’d love to know what you think of them!


Time to Thrive



Chicken Soup for the Soul–Time to Thrive

Available May 05, 2015










Overcomers–Stories of Courage about Tweens Who Just Keep Swimming

Available November 28, 2014





Passing Strangers





Stories of Passing Strangers,

edited by Angela Hunt. Available October 23, 2014. 




Chicken Soup for the Soul





Chicken Soup for the Soul–Christmas in Canada.  

Available October 14, 2014.

Read the article in the Kitchissippi Times.






4 thoughts on “Writing news

  1. Hi Crystal
    I enjoyed speaking with you at the launch. Sorry to say that I lost your business card after last week’s gathering. Anyhow I have been reading some of your site and really enjoyed it. Can you please send me an email? I wanted to ask your permission to use a photo on my blog. Thanks a lot.
    Mary Ellen

    1. Hi Mary Ellen. I’m so glad you found me anyway! Just sent the email along–and feel free to use a photo on your blog.

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